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Prof. Ramón C. Hermida

O Prof. Hermida é o primeiro autor do projecto HYGIA, publicado recentemente e que seguramente terá impacto no tratamento da HTA

Prof. Ramón C. Hermida earned his BS degree in telecommunication engineering and computer science at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

He was a research fellow from the Spanish Cancer Society at the Chronobiology Laboratories, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Medical School, University of Minnesota (USA) (1982-1987), where he obtained his master’s degrees in Applied Statistics, Biopathology, and Chronobiology.

Consistent with his strong multidisciplinary background, Prof. Hermida’s major current line of clinical research is hypertension chronotherapy and cardiovascular risk assessment. He was lead investigator of the reported MAPEC Study, first ever designed to investigate prospectively whether bedtime treatment with ≥1 hypertension medication exerts significantly better ambulatory blood pressure control and cardiovascular risk reduction than treatment with all such medications ingested upon awakening. Currently, he is lead investigator of the Hygia Project, a multicenter (network of 40 clinical sites and 292 investigators), prospective, controlled trial of so far >22,000 recruited individuals .

Prof. Hermida has been Lead Investigator of over 70 grants and clinical trials, co-authored 82 chapters in books and 285 papers in scientific journals (h-index: 64), and provided 258 invited lectures at scientific meetings.

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Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia
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1700-093 Lisboa – Portugal | T. 217 817 630 | F. 217 931 095

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