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Prof. Holger Thiele

Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology/Angiology of the University Heart Center Lübeck at the University of Lübeck

Holger Thiele, former director and full professor in the Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology/Angiology of the University Heart Center Lübeck at the University of Lübeck has been nominated by the faculty of the University of Leipzig as full Professor and Director of the Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology of the Heart Center Leipzig which is affiliated with the University of Leipzig. He is the successor of Professor Gerhard Schuler who was his mentor for 18 years when he worked at the Heart Center Leipzig until 2013.

Holger Thiele studied medicine in Berlin and obtained his clinical training at the Heart Center of the University of Leipzig under the leadership of Professor Gerhard Schuler. During his training, he also worked as a Research Fellow in the field of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging at the German Heart Institute in Berlin and also at the Leeds General Infirmary, University of Leeds, UK.

Holger Thiele has a major research interest in the treatment of acute coronary syndromes including all complications but especially on cardiogenic shock. Furthermore, he has implemented cardiac magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for estimating a prognosis in patients with acute coronary syndromes. He has provided major contributions to the treatment of acute coronary syndromes by performing large multicentre trials evaluating the best adjunctive therapy for reperfusion.

In cardiogenic shock, he was the principal investigator of the IABP-SHOCK II trial which led to the downgrading of the intra-aortic balloon pump from a former class 1 recommendation to a class III recommendation in recent guidelines. He contributed to the further understanding of the pathophysiology and prognosis of cardiogenic shock by multiple other trials in cardiogenic shock. Currently, Holger Thiele performed another large-scale randomized multicentre trial evaluating the optimal reperfusion strategy in patients with cardiogenic shock complicating acute myocardial infarction with multivessel disease. This EU-funded trial will be published soon and will also allow further understanding for the prognosis and the pathophysiology of cardiogenic shock.

Similarly, his work on cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the differential diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes including myocarditis, Takotsubo-syndrome and other infiltrative and inflammatory diseases has significantly contributed to their better understanding. Large Takotsubo-syndrome registries were well suited to understand this not so rare disease.

He states that the Heart Center Leipzig as one of the largest and most innovative heart centres in Europe is now the ideal landing zone for him to pursue this effort with major clinical trials and to influence cardiology because of its great tradition as a hub for innovation and because of the possibilities the Leipzig Heart Center offers with its innovative infrastructure.

In addition to his work where he aims to be a good teacher, chief, and also a good physician, his family, friends, soccer, long-distance running as well cycling, are of major importance to him.

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