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Professor Carlos E. Rochitte, MD, PhD, FSCMR

Academic Coordinator of Cardiovascular MRI and CT at Heart Institute (InCor), University of São Paulo Medical School
Director of Cardiovascular MRI and CT at Heart Hospital, Hospital do Coração, HCOR
Academic Coordinator of Cardiovascular MRI and CT at Heart Institute (InCor), University of São Paulo Medical School Director of Cardiovascular MRI

I am cardiology faculty at Heart Institute since 1999, currently working on cardiovascular MRI and CT Sector at Heart Institute (InCor), University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil, Vice-coordinator of the CMR and CCT fellowship program at Heart Institute (InCor) University of São Paulo Medical School,and collaborating Professor of the Cardiopneumology Department of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP). I am also director of Cardiovascular MR and CT sector of Heart Hospital (HCOR), São Paulo, SP. I was a post-doctoral fellow in cardiovascular MRI at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, (1995-1999) under Drs. João Lima, David Bluemke and Elias Zerhouni mentorship. I led several myocardial infarction and microvascular obstruction CMR studies in animals and humans. In collaboration with Dr. Raymond Kim I have developed a 3D pulse sequence for myocardial sodium imaging and started new investigation on human myocardial sodium imaging with Dr. Bluemke at NIH. I have pioneered the use of late gadolinium enhancement in 4 specific non-ischemic cardiomyopathies: Chagas´ disease, Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, aortic valve disease and endomyocardial fibrosis. I am a founding member of SCMR and have been active at SCMR meetings since 1996. I was awarded with scientific prizes and the best poster in 2001 SCMR meeting. I served SCMR as Chair of Latin American Chapter, member of editorial board of the JCMR and member of the Board of Trustees of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR). I served the Brazilian Society of Cardiology as vice-president for Cardiovascular MR of Cardiac Imaging Department of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and I have been currently indicated to be future President of Cardiovascular Imaging Department of Brazilian Society of Cardiology (DIC – 2020-2021, the equivalent to EACVI for ESC). I am now a very proud Fellow of SCMR -FSCMR.
I am an experienced clinical cardiologist with emphasis in cardiovascular MRI and CT, working mainly in cardiology. I am also experienced clinical and basic researcher, with extensive knowledge on MR equipment and technology. I have mentored 12 medical professional that finished their PhD program and currently I mentoring 8 other medical doctors on their PhD program I had several research grants form FAPESP (Grant research agency for São Paulo State). I am also currently the Editor-in-Chief of Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiology, and on the editorial board of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Circulation CV Imaging and JACC CV Imaging. I am also a reviewer for Circulation, Radiology, JCCT and NEJM. I am also reviewer for the 2 most important grant agencies in Brazil, FAPESP and CNPq.
I have been PI for several trial conducted at Heart Institute such as Core320 trial, Core64 trial, Chagas disease, Endomyocardialfibrosis, Aortic valve disease and Duchenne CMR trials. Our strategies and connection within Heart Institute facilitate inclusion and follow-up of the patients.

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