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Professor Pier Lambiase

University College London

Prof. Pier Lambiase is Professor of Cardiology at UCL & leads the Inherited arrhythmia service at Barts Heart Centre aswell as the clinical electrophysiology research group. He has published widely on arrhythmia mechanisms in specific inherited conditions and co-authored/advised national & international guidelines on genetic diagnosis aswell as sudden death prevention in inherited ion channel disorders (JACC 2015-2016). He described the arrhythmogenic phenotypes in Brugada Syndrome (Circulation 2009) and ARVC (Eur Ht J, 2012). He has published over 200 peer review papers and raised >£5M in grants from BHF, Welcome Trust & MRC over the past 5 years & was awarded the BCS Michael Davies early career research award in 2015. He leads a biomedical engineering group to utilise high density electrical mapping data to enable deep phenotyping of specific gene mutation carriers aswell as UK Biobank population data combining genomic and physiological parameters (MRC project grant).

Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia

Organização e Secretariado CPC​
Campo Grande 28, 13 º| 1700-093 Lisboa – Portugal T. 217 817 630 | T. 217 970 685

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