Comparative analysis of fractional flow reserve and instantaneous wave-free ratio: Results of a five-year registry

Miguel Nobre Menezes, Ana Rita G. Francisco, Pedro Carrilho Ferreira, Cláudia Jorge, Diogo Torres, Pedro Cardoso, José António Duarte, José Marques da Costa, Eduardo Infante de Oliveira, Fausto J. Pinto, Pedro Canas da Silva
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37(6):511-520
ConclusioniFR had a reasonable diagnostic performance. Operators often chose to perform FFR despite conclusive iFR results. iFR and FFR were highly concordant, but a non-negligible proportion of lesions classified as ischemic by iFR were classified as non-ischemic by FFR. iFR had no impact on procedural characteristics.